Unique pottery art of Huong Canh

Located in Vinh Phuc province, 45km north of Hanoi, Huong Canh retains its 300-year-old ceramic and pottery craft despite the influx of modernity.


Experiencing ups and downs, the famous Huong Canh pottery village was at one point in danger of disappearing, but the people here decided to dedicate their lives to keeping the traditional trade alive.

The village is famous for handmade pans, pots, teapots, jars and cups. Recently, Huong Canh has added new products to its traditional items.

According to people who know about pottery, using Huong Canh pottery to make tea helps retain the flavour and temperature for longer. Thanks to that, Huong Canh ceramic products are popular with consumers throughout the country.
Nguyen Hong Quang, the owner of a pottery-kiln in Lo Cang hamlet, said Huong Canh pottery does not use a glaze because it is made from sediment clay with molecules that tightly join together to form a strong, waterproof barrier.

Each product has a color which reveals the location of the kiln. Huong Canh was favored by nature with an abundance of brown clay and green clay. 

Huong Canh potters now make fine art pieces, statues, and reliefs in Vietnamese motifs. Visitors can observe and try out pottery production. Huong Canh pottery products are sold nationwide and exported to other countries.

Despite many difficulties, Quang and other the artisans are still working hard to keep Huong Canh pottery alive./.