“Uncle Ho’s soldiers” in Russia

The Vietnamese community in Russia has a close attachment to the homeland. Founded in the 1990s, most were sent to study or work in the country, while a few have now served in its military. Despite living far away, the military men, who are usually called “Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, still look back fondly on the homeland.


Sadovod Market in Damascus is where many Vietnamese people doing business in Moscow get together.

The new year of 2021 is now approaching. The Vietnamese veterans here are all members of the Vietnam Veterans Association in Russia. Since its establishment in 2016, they often meet to talk business or reminisce about their years in service.

The quality of the soldiers is also revealed in the spirit of mutual support to overcome the difficulties of living overseas.

The noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers have been upheld by veterans in Russia, so they continue to maintain their soldierly nature and volunteer spirit to overcome the difficulties and create a strong community in their host country./.