Traditional fish sauce to have its own logo

The Vietnam Association of Fish Sauce, established on October 27, will label products that meet certain standards with its own logo, to help consumers recognise traditional local fish sauce and provide access to safe and high-quality fish sauce.


To be granted permission to use the logo, members must meet requirements, such as protein being at least 15 grams and additives such as flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, and preservatives not being used. The association will label such bottles to differentiate them from other sauces on the market.

The traditional craft of fish sauce making has been found in Vietnam’s coastal villages for over 300 years. With 117 members, the Vietnam Association of Fish Sauce provides a good opportunity for producers to standardise production and meet the needs of customers.

Many traditional fish sauce producers have their own trademarks, with geographical indications and safe product recognition, such as the Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet, and Le Gia names. This is a good chance for companies to follow standards and boost quality and value for customers.

Vietnam is the leading country in the world in producing traditional fish sauce, with a capacity of 170-180 million litres a year. Traditional fish sauce, however, accounts for only 30 percent of the market share in Vietnam. Many members of the Vietnam Association of Fish Sauce have succeeded in selling products on Amazon and at supermarkets worldwide that were made at facilities that apply advanced technologies in production and processing./.