Tourism service providers in the wake of COVID-19

Due to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, many tourism service providers have been operating under a tight budget, and to stop the spread of the deadly virus, some have closed.



Bai Chay tourism area, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province has been in a slumber recently since the outbreak of the COVID-19. The site now is in contrast with the vibrant, busy atmosphere a few months ago. Food stores and hotels have closed as owners wait for the epidemic to go away.

Hundreds of cruises run by Bhaya Co. Ltd have been cancelled, so the board has directed the staff to disinfect the ships and clean up its fleet to prepare for customers when the outbreak is over.

The number of tourists arriving from the EU, China and the Republic of Korea has significantly reduced by 80 to 90%.

The province is now reallocating existing funds to training the current workforce for tourism service providers at Ha Long University.

Enterprises and tourism service providers in Quang Ninh province have been taking proactive measures to cope with the economic blow from the COVID-19 epidemic, and are focusing on improving infrastructure and services to come back stronger after the epidemic./.