Tourism firms hang tight in COVID-19 tsunami

COVID-19 outbreaks since early 2020 are like tsunamis sinking tourism sector regardless of its effort to swim upward. Still, tourism firms have been trying to hang tight and wait for recuperation when the pandemic is eased globally.



Before the pandemic, this wharf welcomed dozens of boats full of both domestic and foreign tourist eagerly waiting for a leisure trip along Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal. Now, though no tourists visiting, the boat owners set sail every day to keep their boats in function and ensure their staff not to forget professional skills.

Many firms have used this ‘pandemic gap’ as an opportunity to renovate. However, they did not expect that the gap period would be this long, making them unable to stick around without any revenue. Therefore, some of them have switched to another business models. Several hotels now lease their premises or provide serviced quarantine rooms for people entering Vietnam amid the pandemic.

It is difficult to tell an exact milestone when Vietnam can welcome back foreign tourists as before. Therefore, exploiting domestic market and developing new products in line with the new situation have given tourism firms more time and energy to fight the pandemic.

However, they could not fight this corona war alone. They are in need of supports from partners in the tourism value chain.

Domestic tourism firms have still proactively seeking for solutions in response to the unexpectedly long pandemic. Their resilience is expected to pay off with a massive bounce back once the pandemic is fully contained worldwide./.