Theatre stage lights up again

Theaters stages all over the country have started to light up again following forced closures due to COVID-19. With Children’s Day approaching, artists have been rehearsing with the desire to bring quality works to the audience.



“The world of toys”, “The Infinity War” and “Where is the cock going?” will all be performed at the Youth Theater during this Children’s Day occasion. The atmosphere inside is exciting as the artists rehearse for the performances.

With all the tickets for the children’s play “Magic Car” having sold out, the artists at Le Ngoc private theatre are training for their performances in the coming months. The amount of work left after months being off is enormous.

Tickets are being sold out, which is a good sign for the theaters. It shows that the audience has not turned away from the stage, even though they have been at home watching movies online for months. However, the theatres still have to try to catch up with new trends in order to stay appealing to younger audiences./.