Tet reaches disadvantaged people in far-flung areas

As Tet approaches, a volunteer program titled “Love Spring” sponsored by the Central Youth Union and Vietnam Youth Federation has reached out to far flung areas to bring a Tet full of love to everyone


The atmosphere is busy and full of enthusiasm on a volunteer trip to the northern mountainous district of Bao Lac, the farthest and one of the most disadvantageous localities in Cao Bang province ahead of Tet.

The long distance is not the only obstacle facing the 30 members of the volunteer group. Nguyễn Duy Học, a group member, was born with a birth defect but been participating on trips like this for 10 years.

Participating in activities such as wrapping chung cake, and being provided with clothes and school supplies, pupils here feel that Tet has come early.

Providing medical check-ups and treatment for ethnic minorities is another important part of the programme. People of different ages here are not only provided with free medicine but also instructed by doctors how to prevent infectious diseases.

The gifts that volunteers have offered pupils and people in this remote place not only have a material value, but above all, they are extremely valuable spiritual gifts. They can ignite faith in a brighter tomorrow for all./.