Spreading a love of greenery

With climate change having an increasingly apparent impact on people’s lives, planting trees is viewed as an effective solution for turning the future around. The good news is that there are more and more stories about people spreading a love of green space in the community.



The head office of the People’s Committee of Thuy Lam commune, Dong Anh district, in Hanoi is quite busy today. Residents who wish to add the colour green to their homes have come to receive seedlings from volunteers with the Hanoi Green Club. Founded three years ago, the club brings together enthusiastic young people with the goal of greening Hanoi and cutting pollution in the capital. They have actively raised donations and sought sponsors and volunteers to establish a tree fund.

From Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, the next destination for the “One Million Urban Trees” programme is several suburban districts of Hanoi, where 4,000 trees are to be planted to create a green belt and improve air quality. Launched by the Green Vietnam Biodiversity Conservation Centre in 2019, the programme will carry out a 10-year mission to gradually raise awareness among urban residents about living in harmony with nature and motivating people to improve the urban environment.

As well as individuals, clubs, and volunteer organisations, the tree-planting movement is also establishing more and more links with businesses.

Each tree planted contributes to creating green lungs that purify and protect the environment. Creating a green Vietnam, though, requires ongoing cooperation from the entire community.