Special training exercises at sea

To safeguard Vietnam’s southern waters, sailors in Naval Region No 2 train vigorously to become accustomed to extreme weather conditions while completing their tasks.


This is the training area of Brigade No 167, where sailors in Naval Region No 2 carry out training exercises with specialised training tools.

Unique exercises like these help soldiers learn how to move around the ship in high seas. It may look simple, but requires dexterity and endurance.

There are many exercises the sailors must complete. This one helps them gain a stronger nervous system while living in narrow compartments, especially when the ship is being buffeted by high seas and strong winds.

Brigade No 167 is one of the most accomplished units in Naval Region 2 in training and combat readiness. Exercises to train the nervous system have made an important contribution to the management and protection of more than 300,000 square kilometres of Vietnam’s sea territory./.