Spaniard depicts vibrant Vietnam using monochrome photos

Vietnamese landscapes and people have inspired not only local but also foreign photographers, including Spanish architect Salvador Pérez Arroyo.



On display at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum are 39 monochrome photos from architect Salvador Pérez Arroyo’s photo book ‘Happy Streets’. Though black and white, the photos still portray images of an ever-changing Vietnamese society with vibrant and dynamic communities.

Salvador Pérez Arroyo – Spanish Photographer/Architect

I have tried to capture my life in Vietnam, including special moments and images of streets, landscapes, and people. I’m happy to see joy on the faces of local people and hope to spread a message about modern Vietnam and its vibrant culture.

Happy Streets’ can be viewed as a fun photo journal of Salvador’s different emotions in different surroundings. With an absence of vivid colours, the photos enable the audience to focus more on his emotions.

Salvador Pérez Arroyo – Spanish Photographer/Architect

Colours can distract us from the nature of our surroundings and people. I wanted to eliminate such distractions, so that the audience can better see the surroundings.

Audiences at the ‘Happy Streets’ exhibition are sure to be impressed by this foreign angle on Vietnamese streets and lifestyles.

The exhibition is open until August 16./.