Son La increases chance to export longan to US, Australia

The northern Son La province has been granted a total of 92 codes specifically for longan growing areas for this year, of which 34 codes are to be used to export the product to both the United States and Australia, while 58 codes will be used to produce longan for export to China.


Son La has been implementing a range of solutions to promote the export of longan products, update customs clearance procedures at border gates, to provide relevant information for firms to use, as well as assisting farmers with applying VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards during the farming process.

For this year, the province has over 17,000 hectares of longan for harvest, with the majority in the districts of Song Ma, Mai Son, Yen Chau, and Muong La.

Besides longan, Son La also exports other fruits such as mangoes, plums, and custard apples to foreign markets./.