Russian news agency reviews Vietnam’s major achievements in 2020

The Sputnik news agency of Russia recently published an article that reviewed commentaries on Vietnam posted by Russian and other countries’ press outlets, reflecting Vietnam’s COVID-19 combat and achievements in different areas, especially diplomacy and economy.


According to Sputnik, Deutsche Welle of Germany analysed the reason behind Vietnam’s success in the fierce battle against the pandemic – to quarantine strictly.

The Economic Times of India spoke highly of Vietnam’s performance in its ASEAN Chairmanship this year, during which the Southeast Asian nation has consolidated ASEAN’s stance on regional issues, including efforts against COVID-19.

The Times of India shared the view that Vietnam’s prestige has been promoted in both regional and international arena in 2020, as seen through visits by the Japanese Prime Minister and the US Secretary of State.

Asia Times said the intensive international integration, the participation in large-scale agreements like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, along with increased exports, are the core factors of the Vietnamese economy’s success.

Vietnam could be considered as a role model in 2020, and the challenges that the country has faced and weathered have illustrated its people’s steadfastness and the clear-sightedness of its leaders, Sputnik added./.