Route 9 – Southern Laos campaign victory

The victory of the Road 9 - Southern Laos campaign in March 1971 defeated the US and Saigon armies’ plot to block the Truong Son strategic supply route, marking the growth of the Vietnamese army in large-scale joint combat.



Returning to the old battlefield and visiting those who laid down their lives in the Route 9 – Southern Laos campaign, this veteran said he will never forget the fierce battles he and his comrades fought during the campaign.

In implementing the “Vietnamization Strategy”, in early 1971, the US and Saigon armies mobilised a large number of troops, tanks, armoured vehicles, and aircraft to conduct Operation Lam Son 719 along Route 9 into southern Laos.

Grasping the situation, the Politburo and Central Military Commission made a decision to launch the Route 9 – Southern Laos Campaign to defeat the enemy’s strategic operations and defend the strategic supply line.

Under the direction of the Party Central Committee, our forces proactively made elaborate preparations and organised a large-scale joint operation in a close, flexible, and creative manner.

After 50 days and nights, the campaign won a resounding victory.

The Route 9 – Southern Laos Counter-Offensive Campaign’s victory is of strategic significance and marks the development of Vietnam’s sophisticated operations, particularly in counter-offensive campaigns./.