Returning Vietnamese workers from RoK recruited at home

Vietnam is becoming a destination for more Korean businesses and this opens up great job opportunities for Vietnamese workers who have worked in the land of kimchi after their labour contract is expired.



IC Food is a small and medium-sized enterprise specializing in raw materials manufacturing in the field of food and spice production for big Korean companies.

The company has a manufacturing plant in Republic of Korea and two other factories in Son La and Binh Duong provinces of Vietnam.

In the past few years, IC Food has employed Vietnamese workers who have studied and worked in Republic of Korea.

Many Vietnamese laborers working at IC Food have found  that the working conditions and remuneration of the company are very good.

Another advantage for some Vietnamese workers after their employment expires in the Republic of Korea and returning home is that IC Food Company will continue to use these workers to work for their two branches in Son La and Binh Duong.

According to the Vietnam Labor Management Board in Korea and  EPS Office, the unit sending Vietnamese workers to Korea, if grabbing these opportunities well, the rate of Vietnamese illegal labor in the Republic of Korea  will reduce significantly as many workers like to work for Korean companies after their labour contracts and visas are expired./.