Remarks by PM at Climate Adaption Summit

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has delivered an important message to the Climate Adaptation Summit which took place virtually on January 25 and 26.



According to the Vietnamese leader, the challenges of climate change will continue to multiply and become much harder to manage should we fail to take urgent actions to strengthen climate adaptation.

He said Vietnam will join in international efforts to combat climate change.

“Vietnam will continue our active participation in international efforts to combat climate change, so as to transform climate-induced “challenges” into “opportunities” for the sustainable development for all,” said Prime Minister Phuc. 

Vietnam is one of the countries worst affected by climate change. The coastal areas and river deltas of Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta in the South, regularly come under the devastating impact of rising sea level, saline intrusion and other climate-related hazards – typhoons, tropical depression, floods and droughts, to name a few.

The mountainous areas are very often hit by flash floods and landslides, occurring at much greater frequency.

In response to climate change, apart from restructuring its economy towards a low-carbon model and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, Vietnam has pledged to strengthen the resilience and adaptation of communities, economic stakeholders and the ecosystem, among others./.