Rapid virus testing to ensure safety at airports

Vietnam has announced plans to resume international flight routes, which is a good sign for economic recovery and especially the airline and tourism industries post-pandemic. How best to ensure safety is a major concern for relevant agencies, however. Rapid virus testing at airports will be a focus, so that safety can be guaranteed.


This production line has a capacity of up to 100,000 test kits a day for rapid COVID-19 testing in Vietnam. Reserves stand at some 1 million kits, which can be mobilised immediately when required. This production unit has also affirmed that when international flights reopen, production capacity can fully meet the need at airports for rapid virus testing kits.

Once the supply of reagents for COVID-19 testing is secure, it is necessary to use express testing methods that are cheap and accurate. It is especially necessary to increase the sensitivity and specificity of the test kit, in order to prevent the virus from spreading in the community.

Rapid testing can easily screen and classify patients within a few hours. Medical experts said that scientific teams, test kit manufacturers, and other involved parties will work closely in adjusting the rapid testing system to achieve the best and most effective results.

As well as sufficient testing equipment, solid preparation of facilities and human resources is needed to ensure safety and control over the pandemic./.