President Ho Chi Minh’s footsteps in the UK

During his journey seeking measures to achieve national salvation, President Ho Chi Minh set foot in many countries around the world, including the UK. Here he read books by philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels for the first time, which shed light on the path towards national salvation. Join us in recalling the days President Ho Chi Minh spent in the UK.


During his 30-year journey seeking a path towards national salvation, President Ho Chi Minh spent five years in the UK, from 1913 to 1917. One of his first stops was the Drayton Court Hotel in The Avenue in Ealing, west London, where he worked in the kitchen. His appearance made the hotel popular, and it is now used to draw in tourists

Not far away is the New Zealand High Commissioner’s 19-storey building, built on what was previously known as the Carlton Hotel, where President Ho Chi Minh worked in 1913. A sign to that effect gives people insight into the venue’s history and is where many take check-in photos.

In Newhaven in Sussex, southern England, visitors can see a stele with President Ho Chi Minh’s name carved on it that marks the 100th anniversary of his journey to the country. Images of the ferry where Uncle Ho worked over 100 years ago are now on display in the Newhaven town museum. A statue of the late President is also on show.

President Ho Chi Minh’s time in the UK was a significant stepping stone on his journey exploring the world and seeking an appropriate path towards national salvation. His time in the country has been a topic of study for many local scholars./.