Pick yourself up with a Coronaburger

A Hanoi takeaway is making burgers with a twist. The burger buns are crafted to look like the coronavirus.


The man who makes them hopes the idea will really spread.

“Amid all the bad news about the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to make this coronaburger to make people feel happier,” said Dang Van Khu, a baker with Pizza Home.

Sweet leaves are crushed and turned into liquid. It is then mixed with flour to make a green coloured dough. Tiny pieces are carefully added to make the Covid-19 spikes. The buns are then baked until they are golden.

“The most difficult part is to make the burger bun shaped like the virus, ensuring it both looks good and tastes like a traditional burger. We have to be very delicate from mixing and kneading the dough,” Khu said, adding since the shop starts selling it, around 50 burgers are bought each day. The sales increased by up to five percent.

If the virus is getting you down pick yourself up with a Coronaburger./.