Online shopping on the rise

Consumers can now buy almost anything from the comfort of their homes with just a few simple steps on a smartphone. With its undeniable advantage in convenience, online shopping is gaining in popularity even now that COVID-19 has been largely brought under control.



Rather than going to traditional markets or supermarkets to shop, with a few taps on an online shopping app, Tran Nhung finished her grocery shopping for the whole family in just a few minutes.

Kim Nhung thinks likewise, since she is often up to her neck in work and so grocery shopping can be problematic. Thanks to online shopping, though, she saves a load of time and can quickly prepare hot meals.

After emerging as a countermeasure during the social distancing period from COVID-19, online shopping has become a new trend that benefits both end-users and service providers. The competition technology provides is helping fulfil the growing needs of all consumers.

Online shopping is becoming a new trend and consumers are advised to use reputable brands to avoid unnecessary issues./.