Ninh Thuan ornamental grapes – hot items for Tet holiday

Vineyards in NinhThuan province are busy preparing tens of thousands of pots of ornamental grape vines with new designs for the upcoming Lunar New Year 2020.


Members of the Ornamental Grape A8 Cooperative in Phuoc Thuan commune, Ninh Phuoc district are entering their busiest time of the year – taking care of thousands of ornamental grape plants to meet growing demand. This year, the cooperative has tended to ornamental grape vines with new and unique designs to satisfy customers. Prices range from several hundred thousand to over 8 million VND.

In order to make ornamental vines last longer than two months, the cooperative grafted different grape varieties. The vines are then shaped and after nearly a year of care, they begin to bear fruit.

Ornamental grape vines are eye-catching and will certainly impress visitors during the Lunar New Year. Customers often choose ornamental pots with stable standing trees, including leaves, buds, green berries and ripe red fruits to signify well-being and prosperity for the coming year

With Lunar New Year approaching, many growers do not have enough vines to meet their orders. Ninh Thuan province is currently the largest grape growing area in the country with an area of about 1,200 hectares, providing about 30,000 tons of fresh grapes a year. Ninh Thuan grapes were granted a certificate of geographical indications by the National Office of Intellectual Property in 2012./.