Ninh Binh tourism ensuring pandemic prevention

The number of tourists visiting Ninh Binh were again down sharply at the beginning of this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure a safe tourism environment for tourists and local people, the province has thoroughly implemented measures to prevent and control any spread of the disease.



At the Trang An eco-tourism complex, in addition to regulations on compulsory pandemic prevention efforts, the Management Board has also strengthened its staff to remind tourists and boatmen to wear masks, wash their hands with disinfectant, and keep a safe distance.

Other accommodation establishments, resorts, and tourist attractions in Ninh Binh have also raised the level of vigilance, strictly implementing pandemic prevention and control measures.

The Ninh Binh Department of Tourism has also asked tourism businesses to suspend tours to and from pandemic-hit areas, to ensure the safety of tourists and local people, and to proactively monitor and update developments of the disease so that appropriate prevention and control measures are taken.

The number of tourists to Ninh Binh last year fell about 80% compared to 2019 and difficulties persist for the tourism industry as a whole./.