New song pays tribute to frontline COVID-19 workers

Singer Quoc Hưng has recently released a new song in tribute to healthcare workers in the frontline of the battle against Covid-19.


“Anh se ve nhung khong phai hom nay” (I will return but not today) is a new song from composer Kien Ninh.

The song praises the mettle and spirit of patriotism and love for the homeland among Vietnam’s medical staff fighting COVID-19, dubbed the “white-coat soldiers”.

They are ready to defy the danger and rush to the frontlines of the struggle against the coronavirus.

The song also carries the thoughts of healthcare workers to their loved ones: Keep your faith, and tomorrow we will win against the pandemic. When the country is peaceful, we will return.

Quoc Hung is Vietnam’s leading classical basso profundo, which is a bass voice sub-type with the lowest vocal range. He has won a range of international singing contests in recent years.

He said that many of his friends and colleagues have taken part in media campaigns to raise awareness and responsibility regarding the pandemic, providing confidence and strength to the community to join together in the struggle.

This new song, he said, is his small contribution to that noble mission./.