Museum boosts preservation of national treasures

Currently, 140 of 164 recognised national treasures are being preserved and displayed in museums nationwide, while the remainder are located in monuments and religious facilities. However, the preservation and promotion of the treasures are still facing difficulties.



Nine national treasures, including paintings by well-known artists such as To Ngoc Van, Tran Van Can and Nguyen Gia Tri, leave deep impressions on both domestic and foreign visitors to the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum.

To promote the values of these national treasures, the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum has focused on storage conditions with air conditioning, dehumidification and installation ventilation to create a stable environment.

However, the biggest difficulty is finding investment for the preservation of national treasures as well as the other artifacts and antiques at the museum.

Preserving national treasures is always a challenge even for the leading museums. According to experts, only when they are properly preserved will national treasures realise their values./.