Remembrance of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh in the Hearts of Overseas Vietnamese in Thailand

On his journey to seek a way towards national salvation, President Ho Chi Minh travelled to many countries around the world. During his time in Thailand, from July 1928 to the end of 1929, Uncle Ho made an unforgettable impression on the overseas Vietnamese community in the country.


A research scholar, Dr. Truong Thi Hang, who is a lecturer at a renowned Thai university and co-author of the book “President Ho Chi Minh: The Pioneer of Modern Vietnam-Thailand Relations,” emphasized the significant impact of Uncle Ho’s presence in Thailand on the patriotic sentiment among overseas Vietnamese. It further strengthened their determination for national salvation in their beloved homeland.

The Vietnamese community residing in Thailand has always been actively engaged in the preservation of their nation’s rich cultural heritage, fostering a sense of patriotism among the younger generation, and ensuring the transmission of their legacy to the children.

Even today, the patriotic spirit inspired by President Ho Chi Minh during his time in Thailand continues to thrive among Vietnamese expatriates.