Made-in-Vietnam stationery winning customers’ hearts

With the academic year having kicked off recently, stationery has been in high demand. As Made-in-Vietnam items are now prevalent in the market and several promotional campaigns have been held, the financial burden faced by Vietnamese parents has been largely eased.



Many Vietnamese parents have chosen Made-in-Vietnam stationery for their kids this academic year, as product quality is good and prices are reasonable compared to imports.

Made-in-Vietnam stationery is doing well this year thanks to the efforts of domestic producers to innovate products to catch up with the latest trends while also carrying out promotional programmes to help parents during the pandemic.

Price-stabilised stationery has also won the hearts of many customers this year. In HCM City, products under the price stabilisation programme account for 35 to 50% of the entire stationery market. These products are sold at prices 10 to 15% lower than market prices and are available at various points of sale.

COVID-19 has interrupted global trade but also presents an opportunity for Vietnamese products to carve out a new or greater market share. In order to not miss out on any opportunities, Vietnamese producers have worked hard to improve product quality while introducing several promotional programmes./.