Macadamia development needs caution to avoid rapid growth

Macadamia nuts have proven to be a much better cash crop for many farmers in the Central Highlands over the last five years, but localities must exercise caution in developing planting areas to avoid unsustainable rapid growth.


Many households in Dak Lak and Dac Nong provinces in the Central Highlands have been growing macadamia nuts for more than a decade. With two crops a year, each tree yields an average of 30 kg of nuts. Planting macadamia trees is clearly more economical than coffee, not to mention that they need much less water.

Experts have said that many industries seek raw materials from macadamia trees, but specialist agencies have advised farmers to be cautious, because macadamia is a perennial tree and if planting is not done properly then the losses could be enormous.

Based on growth to date, it’s been tipped to become a billion-dollar industry./.