Lychee in full bloom: Bee breeders, lychee growers both happy

Lychee gardens in Hai Duong province are often in full bloom in February and March. During this time, bee breeders from across the country often bring the insects to those gardens.


According to bee breeders, time for bees to collect lychee blossom nectar is much shorter than most other flower species. Thus, letting bees sipping lychee nectar could bring the breeders quite good income despite slightly lower economic value.

Thanh Ha district is now home to 3,600 hectares of lychee gardens to feed the bees. By consuming flower nectar, bees not only produce high-quality honey for domestic consumption and exports, but they also bring benefits to lychee growers, including boosting pollination and killing harmful insects.

The hustle and bustle of Thanh Ha district recent days signal a bumper crop for not only bee breeders but also lychee growers./.