Love letters from late songwriter Trinh Cong Son broadcast on podcast

A podcast entitled “Nang thuy tinh” (Crystal sunlight) introducing more than 300 love letters from late musician Trinh Con Son and many songs from a movie to be released shortly about the talented artist was broadcast on October 14.


The “Nang thuy tinh” (Crystal sunlight) podcast introduces more than 300 love letters sent by late musician Trinh Cong Son to his lover Dao Anh.

The podcast is hosted by Hoang Ha and Avin Lu – the two actors who play young Dao Anh and Trinh Cong Son in the film “Me and Trinh”. The first episode was broadcast at 7pm on October 14 on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

“Me and Trinh” depicts the life of Trinh Cong Son from youth to middle-age, when he became nostalgic about the muses in his life: Bich Diem, Dao Anh, Thanh Thuy, and Michiko. Actor Tran Luc plays the role of the middle-aged musician.

The podcast production team hopes that besides romance, the show will also share feelings about love and life, bringing a sense of relaxation and peace to listeners.

On Oct. 8, the movie’s official website announced a postponement of its screening schedule to 2022 due to the pandemic./.