Little artist’s paintings “chase” COVID-19 away

Ten-year-old student Nguyen Doi Chung Anh decided to draw paintings to bring a sense of joy and optimism during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her work received an Aspiration Award at the first Cricket Awards for children, held recently by the Vietnam News Agency.



Nguyen Doi Chung Anh, fifth grader at Nam Thanh Cong Primary School, Hanoi said: “At first, I thought about how COVID-19 was so dangerous, and drew paintings to thank the doctors fighting the pandemic. I like to draw paintings that are both topical and optimistic.”

Every day finds her at her easel. Her paintings are bursting with colour and filled with ideas, but the inner thoughts behind the paintings may surprise many grown-ups.

Some of the paintings are quite touching, like “Su ra di cua nguoi bac si” (The death of the doctor), about the last minutes of Dr Ly Van Luong, one of the first to detect the coronavirus and warn of its danger.

The paintings have helped inspire a love of life and a strong belief that the world will win out over the pandemic./.