Late Party Chief’s wholehearted devotion to national army

Before being elected as Party General Secretary, Le Kha Phieu devoted 40 years of his life to the army, mostly during Vietnam’s resistance wars against French colonialism and US imperialism and an international mission in Cambodia. He was known as a humble, devoted soldier.


Regiment 66 of Glory Division 304 is where soldier Le Kha Phieu joined the army. Many years have passed but his days in the unit remain a great honour for his comrades.

Comrade Le Kha Phieu spent many years serving Regiment 9 during the resistance war against the US. As political commissar and then commanding officer of Regiment 9, he stood side-by-side with his comrades in the fighting. During the 1968 Tet Offensive and Uprising, he successfully commanded troops in Hue citadel for 26 ferocious days.

After nearly half a century in the army, he then become Party Chief. Le Kha Phieu remained a humble leader, asking soldiers to stay close together and consider the people the foundation of the nation, while upholding heroic traditions and unceasing loyalty to the Party, the State, and the people.

The former Party Chief was still enthusiastic in retirement, after devoting his life to the Party, the State and the people./.