Hoi An sesame sweet soup makes visitors’ mouth water

Black sesame sweet soup or also known as xí mà is a refreshing breakfast familiar to Hoi An locals. It is the result of the Vietnamese-Chinese-Japanese cultural interaction.


Currently, there is a showroom in Hoi An showcasing trade of making xi ma sweet soup, as well as the culture associated with the spiritual life of the people here. Located in a small corner of Nguyen Truong To Street for more than 70 years, two generations of Ngo Thiểu’s family has long been making the familiar dish of Hoi An which has captured the heart of tourists near and far.

Ngo Thieu is the creator of the Xi Ma dish. Born in 1915, he has now retired and passed down the trade to his three children. Each bowl of Xi Ma has a unique flavor; this is the distinctive trademark which leads tourists to the ancient town of Hoi An

As visitors coming to Hoi An town, they have a chance to enjoy the flavor of Xi Ma, Especially during the Lunar New Year holiday, the dish gives them a warm fuzzy feeling.

Xi Ma sweet soup has contributed to preserving and promoting the cultural and culinary value of Hoi An, and at the same time enriching the intangible cultural value of the UNESCO recognised ancient town. Now this place has become part of culinary tours for visitors to Hoi An heritage site./.