Health declarations strengthened to stop COVID-19

Amid the recurrence of community transmissions of COVID-19, Hanoi’s health sector has continued to introduce measures to prevent the spread of the virus and monitor those who have recently returned from pandemic-hit areas, including the central city of Da Nang and neighbouring Quang Nam province, and to encourage them to follow preventive measures.



Staff at a healthcare clinic in Dong Tam ward, Hai Ba Trung district, in Hanoi have been receiving information from local people who have travelled to Da Nang and Quang Nam since July 8.

They then verify the information and visit people to have them declare their travel history and self-quarantine.

Each individual is responsible for monitoring their temperature and informing medical staff if it exceeds 37.5 degree Celsius and is accompanied by coughing, a runny nose, or a raspy throat.

People in Hanoi are already acquainted with preventive measures recommended by the Health Ministry, such as wearing a face mask when going out. 

Wearing face masks when in public places, washing hands regularly with soap, and limiting visits to crowded places have become good habits in preventing not only COVID-19 but also other respiratory diseases. People making health declarations and keeping in close contact with medical staff where they live also contribute to effective disease prevention./.