Hanoi’s iconic pagoda given a new look with VR technology

Virtual reality (VR) technology has helped roll back 800 years to bring the famous One Pillar Pagoda – one of Vietnam's most iconic temples – to today’s audiences in a most vivid state.


Art and history lovers have the opportunity to see the One Pillar Pagoda – Dien Huu in the Ly dynasty through virtual reality (VR) technology at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts.

Visitors at this exhibition have a chance to see ancient French photos of the architecture of One Pillar pagoda in the Nguyen dynasty, pictures of the pagoda collapsed in 1954 and restored in 1955 by architect Nguyen Ba Lang, images of national treasures such as the statue of Buddha at Phat Tich Pagoda and artifacts excavated at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

From hundreds of art artifacts remaining after ups and downs of history, for the first time, the VR products help visitors experience the ancient images of One Pillar Pagoda, and the golden architectural heritage space 800 years ago./.