Hanoians adorn home with wild pear blossoms

As a traditional custom, displaying flowers at home on early days of a lunar year is believed to bring good luck to the home owners. Having done exhibiting peach blossoms during the Lunar New Year holiday, Hanoians start buying pure white pear flowers to decorate their houses these days.


Quang Ba flower market in Tay Ho district is covered with the pure white colour of wild pear blossoms on these days. Branches of the flowers had travelled a long way from the northern mountainous area to Hanoi to adorn homes in the city.

The price for branches of pear blossoms are varied from 10 to 500 USD based on their shape and amount of buds and flowers.

Although the Lunar New Year Festival has been over, pear blossoms are still for sale along Hanoi streets and many local people buy them every day.

Hanoians admire the flower’s pure beauty as it resembles one’s filial piety./.