Preparations Completed for 13th National Party Congress in Hanoi

The 13th National Party Congress is scheduled to take place in Hanoi from January 25 to February 2. To prepare for this key event, the entire political system in the city has been actively and comprehensively taking part in preparations.


Flags, colorful flowers, and banners line the streets of Hanoi in celebration of the 13th National Party Congress, creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere for residents.

Local authorities have taken measures to ensure the provision of top-quality logistics services, as well as maintaining environmental sanitation and social order and security.

Following the direction of city leaders, the entire city has been preparing for the 13th National Party Congress from January 20 to February 2. Maintaining environmental sanitation, particularly in central and inner districts, is a top priority.

In addition to the urgent tasks assigned by the local government, special attention is being given to ensuring social security and order, as well as maintaining traffic order.

All logistical preparations have been largely completed, and there is a sense of happiness and excitement among everyone in anticipation of the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.