Hanoi farmers harvesting at night to beat the heat

Hanoi’s farming land is deserted in the middle of the day as temperatures hover around 40 degrees Celsius. To avoid the harsh weather, many farmers on the city’s outskirts have to harvest their crops at night.


All of the paddy in outlying suburbs of Hanoi such as Thach That, Chuong My, and Quoc Oai is ripe enough to harvest.

Farmers, though, have decided to work under the night sky to avoid searing temperatures during the daytime.

From about 6pm onwards, when the sun begins to set and temperatures ease by about 4-5 degrees Celsius compared to midday, many farmers from Lien Tri village in Tuyet Nghia commune, Quoc Oai district, head out to their fields.

Thanks to the assistance from machinery, farmers can save time and energy and raise productivity. Once the rice is harvested, it is bagged and then dried during the daytime./.