Grab resumes GrabCar service in Hanoi

Ride-hailing company Grab Vietnam has announced the resumption of its Grabcar service in Hanoi starting from October 14.


The technology transport and delivery service supplier said that it has met all pandemic safety requirements given by authorised agencies with all drivers receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot and having certificates of being tested negative to SARS-CoV-2.

The firm said all partners of Grab are requested to strictly implement the Ministry of Health’s 5K message, and prepare hand sanitisers on their vehicle. They will also receive COVID-19 test every week.

Meanwhile, passengers are also asked to abide by pandemic prevention and control measures during their trips with Grab, including following the 5K message and making health declarations.

They are advised to pay via bank cards or Moca e-wallet to reduce direct contacts with drivers.

Earlier, the Department of Transport of Hanoi issued a document allowing the resumption of public passenger transport using under nine-seat cars. However, service suppliers are requested to keep the number of operating vehicles equal to 50 percent of their total fleet./.