Gold laminating recognised as national heritage

Kieu Ky gold laminating craft village in Gia Lam district, Hanoi, has a history of about 300 years.Throughout the years, local people have retained their traditional profession with a craftsmanship process that requires ingenuity and sophistication.The craft has been recognised as one of eight national cultural heritages by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Kieu Ky gold laminating craft thrived before the August Revolution in 1945 when the craft of making precious gold was for most of the imperial religious works to inlay statues of Buddha, thrones, diaphragms, couplets, processions and lacquer paintings.

It was on the brink of oblivion during Vietnam’s two resistance wars against the French and the US, but has been restored and developed since the unification of the country in 1975.

At present, nearly 50 families in Kieu Ky village still practice the traditional craft, many of whom are large-scale production households./.