German paper lauds Vietnam’s economic prospects

In an article posted on securities newswire on July 7, author Sven Heckle praised Vietnam’s achievements in the fight against COVID-19 and its economic prospects.


He said Vietnam overcame the COVID-19 crisis impressively, which was one of the best conditions to put its economy back to growth. The country has so far recorded about 350 infections out of a 97 million population and zero death.

As Vietnam shares a borderline with China, its Government has taken precautionary measures since the beginning of this year when there was not any infection case. When the first infection was found, Vietnam promptly took experience from acute respiratory illness SARS treatment to ward off the pandemic.

The article cited JP Morgan bank’s forecast as saying that the Vietnamese economy is expected to grow by nearly 3.2 percent this year before reaching 7.1 percent next year. It is similar to the International Monetary Fund’s prediction for around 7 percent growth in 2021./.