Food safety – From farm to fork

Sustainable development is a trend and goal in every industry. In food, the “farm-to-fork” clean agriculture model is also becoming an inexorable trend. Clean and organic food with clear origin and processed right after harvesting is increasingly popular nowadays.


Concerned about buying unclean food from the market, to actively create a clean food source this school invested in a 2.3-ha farm, growing fruit and vegetables and breeding livestock for its kitchen. All farming processes follow a closed-loop model that meets safety standards, providing fresh food and nutritious meals for more than 500 students.

With fields of more than 2,000 square meters organically growing a variety of vegetables, the school is entirely self-sufficient. This is also where students enjoy their extra-curricular activities.

From farm to fork has become a popular trend today. On 3.5 hectares, this unit has invested in producing clean vegetables in line with safety standards. Despite the difficulties in following the strict processes, it still strives for clean and safe food every day.

Figures show that, at present, all cities and provinces in Vietnam have developed a “from farm to fork” production chain. Experts said that to change people’s mindsets, it is necessary for related agencies to be fully involved.

A recent report showed that up to 86 percent of Vietnamese consumers prioritise organic products for their daily meals, because of safety and nutrition factors. Clean food, from farm to fork, contributes to product safety, thereby creating trust and confidence among consumers./.