Exotic chrysanthemum garden dazzles Hanoians

Chrysanthemums may be popular among many Vietnamese people but few know how many species there are. Let’s take a trip to an exotic chrysanthemum garden in Hanoi to see around 40 species showing off their beauty as the Lunar New Year approaches.


“Cat tuong” and “Hoang long cao” are among dozens of exotic ancient chrysanthemum species being nurtured at Vietnam’s Ornamental Park on Phan Trong Tue Street in Thanh Tri district, Hanoi, which attracts many visitors as the Lunar New Year draws near.

Vietnamese people for generations have considered chrysanthemums as among the symbolic plants for the four seasons, alongside juniper trees, golden bamboo, and apricot trees. Now that more ornamental trees and flowers are found around the country, chrysanthemums receive less attention, so this space is hoped to pique people’s interest in the flower once again.

Apart form 40 chrysanthemum species, the park also features nearly 2,000 ornamental trees and flowers, creating a relaxing green space in bustling Hanoi.

Vietnam’s Ornamental Park is like a green oasis in the capital and a getaway for city-dwellers. It is also expected to nurture people’s responsibility in protecting the environment./.