Elections in ethnic minority areas

The mountainous district of Song Hinh in Phu Yen province is home to 21 ethnic minority groups, mostly the E De people. To prepare for the upcoming elections to the 15th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 tenure, the district has had been busy raising awareness in ethnic minority areas.


Many ethnic minority groups live in Song Hinh district and their awareness about the upcoming elections has been raised via posters, banners, and bandrolls and by the personal efforts of village elders and reputable local people. These people visit every house together with officials and encourage voters to attend meetings, meet candidates, and exercise their rights as citizens to participate in the election.

As election day draws closer, radio programmes from the Center for Culture – Sports – Broadcasting – Television in Song Hinh district are being broadcast in both Vietnamese and the Ede language. Vehicles with loud speakers also pass through every village to raise awareness.

The diverse means of election popularisation has gradually raised awareness in ethnic minority areas in Song Hinh district in particular and Phu Yen province in general. Voters are now ready to participate in the election and select candidates who will represent the will and aspirations of the people./.