Efforts made to search for storm victims

More efforts have been made to search for the victims of the landslides that hit the central province of Quang Nam on October 28.



Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung on October 29 ordered competent forces to race against time and mobilise vehicles to clear out National Highway 40 so as to access the sites of the landslides that buried 53 people in two mountainous communes in Quang Nam province.

Right after learning about the landslides that hit Tra Leng and Tra Van communes in Nam Tra My district on October 28 night, the Deputy PM, other Government officials and leaders of Quang Nam province came to Bac Tra My district near the landslide sites to instruct the search and rescue operations on October 29.

Two landslides hit Bac Tra My district’s Tra Leng and Tra Van communes on the night of October 28, burying 53 people. The bodies of 16 of the victims have been found as of afternoon of October 29.

Three people were killed and eight are missing from another landslide that occurred in Phuoc Loc commune in Quang Nam on the same day. The bodies of the three victims were found as of afternoon of October 29.

Storm Molave had killed one person in the Central Higlands’ Dak Lak province, one in nearby Gia Lai province, and another in central Quang Ngai province as of the morning of October 29.

 According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting torrential rains are forecast to continue battering the central region until October 31./.