Efforts made to complete ship lock ahead of storm season

Ensuring a safe shelter for vessels during the storm season is a pressing need in Vietnam’s coastal provinces. With more than 3,000 boats, including more than 750 large-capacity offshore fishing vessels, the central province of Quang Nam is working hard to upgrade ship locks for thousands of boats to find shelter during storms.



In recent storms, the An Hoa ship lock, located between Tam Quang and Tam Giang communes in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, has become a safe shelter for thousands of fishing vessels. The province is continuing to invest nearly 100 billion VND (around 4.5 million USD) in building two breakwaters and a network of internal roads to provide a safe shelter for vessels with a high capacity of over 1000 CV during the storm season.

Every year, local fishermen in Quang Nam province catch over 94,000 tonnes of seafood of all types. To ensure safe fishing during the storm season, the province has worked hard to speed up construction of key works, especially the An Hoa ship lock, so that they can be put into use before this year’s storm season.

With a coastline stretching more than 125 km and an exclusive economic zone of more than 40,000 sq km, Quang Nam identifies fishing as a key economic sector. Therefore, in addition to efforts to build a logistics service base for fisheries to meet the needs of long-term seafaring, the investment in building more ship locks for vessels to avoid storms has been a pressing need./.