Dong Nai intensifies site clearance for Long Thanh Int’l Airport

The Long Thanh International Airport project in southern Dong Nai province has been spoken of for years but site clearance and the building of resettlement areas have been continually delayed. With renewed determination and effort, these works have now been intensified, with the province committed to accomplishing tasks on schedule.


The Long Thanh International Airport project is separated into many phases, of which the first phase requires more than 1,800 ha of clean land. Dong Nai has already approved a plan costing nearly 18.6 million USD to support nearly 270 out of more than 1,000 households in the area.

By September the province will have completed site compensation for remaining households. Most local people have been satisfied with the compensation process.

Besides paying site compensation, Dong Nai also began the construction of the Loc An – Binh Son resettlement area in April, which is expected to accommodate 28,500 people.

Long Thanh International Airport will be built on an area of 5,000 ha and is the most expensive project in Vietnam’s history.

Dong Nai has carried out several measures, in particular strengthening human resources to complete remaining works

Site clearance and resettlement works to provide clean land for the Long Thanh International Airport project have now been intensified. However, in order to help the project be on schedule, the province hopes to continue receiving support from the Government and relevant ministries and units./.