Discovering the world of coloured pencils in Hanoi

Most people have been familiar with coloured pencils since they were kids. They are not only for drawing or writing, however, as they can also be turned into unique interior décor items. Visiting the Hanoi-based Nguyen Art Gallery, you can get lost in a world of colourful vases, tables, or clocks made from coloured pencils.



46-year-old Le Xuan Huong, founder of Henry Le design, made these unique pieces from coloured pencils.

After graduating from the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, Huong worked at a travel company and then opened the Nguyen Art Gallery in 2006. The visionary artist hoped to create fine home decor products to make every home a unique living space.

It takes a lot of time to make one item. A model must first be designed. The coloured pencils are then cut into different sizes and glued together. The exterior is then smoothed out by a craftsman.

It can be hard to make decorative items from coloured pencils and even harder to make items that are useable in daily life.

Le Xuan Huong is considered the first to made decorative and practical items.

He wants to build a Vietnamese furniture brand with his special vision, and is doing his best to make products suitable for local people. His unique products have not only found favour among domestic customers but are also sold overseas.

Besides the main materials of coloured pencils and wood, Huong also has ideas for using iron, leather, and traditional lacquer. He is now researching and determining how to make new products from coloured pencils, and hopes to create more beautiful items suitable for different spaces./.