Da Nang investing in cultural relic conservation

Many localities have simply focused on economic development in recent years and paid little regard to culture. Together with the ongoing process of urbanisation, this has resulted in many historical and cultural relics falling into disrepair or being seriously damaged. Da Nang has recently become aware of the issue and is making significant investments in its cultural sector.


From a poor coastal fishing village after the war, Da Nang has undergone a spectacular transformation, becoming one of five cities directly under the central Government and playing a core role in the Central Key Economic Region. It pays major attention to infrastructure investment and urban planning, but investments in culture and heritage have not been given due regard for a long time.

A special national relic site, Dien Hai Citadel – the last remaining defensive stronghold of the early French resistance – has been seriously damaged over a long period by civil and State works.

Da Nang has emerged as a leading locality in urban improvement and urbanisation. But in terms of culture, there are certain limitations. At times, it has been among localities with the lowest investment in culture. Many historical sites have been severely damaged.

Fortunately, in recent years, the Da Nang government has made efforts to restore historical relics, in particular the unique Dien Hai Citadel, which is even larger than the Ho Dynasty Citadel. The city has invested a total of 700 billion VND to relocate households and buildings located within the relic site.

Implementing a project on preserving and promoting the value of the city’s cultural heritage over the past 5 years, Da Nang has invested more than 250 billion VND (2.1 million USD) to restore 35 cultural and historical relics. In the 2021-2025 period, it will outlay more than 800 billion VND to restore 11 monuments and relic clusters./.