Da Nang City begins 1 million ‘green’ house projects

Central Da Nang City’s Department of Industry and Trade has launched a pilot project on the development of a million green roof-top solar power houses.



The first 45 households in the city would join the project on roof-top solar power with capacities from 1.8 kilowatt peak (Kwp) to 3KWp in 2020.

Each household with under 3KWp solar power system would receive 2 million VND (87 USD) support for each KWp from the project.

The project, which was jointly developed with the centre for Green Innovation Development (Green ID), aims to raise potential solar power in the city and reduce carbon emissions.

According to the city’s power corporation, more than 1,000 roof-top solar power projects, of which 52 percent are residential buildings, have been built in the city, supplying 1.7 million KWh to the city’s grid each year.

It said more new projects with a total capacity of 5,000 KWp would be built in the city by the end of this year./.