Cosy full moon festival provided to disadvantaged kids

The moon is getting full and the Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching. Full moon gifts were delivered to disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3 on September 18 by the military radio and television centre in cooperation with the charity Bình An, the Vietnam People’s Army’s youth board, and the High Command of Military Region 7.



Thanks to the “Full Moon Night – 2021” programme held by those involved, the kids’ faces glowed with happiness in feeling the atmosphere of the full moon festival just around the corner. They were given star-shaped lanterns, milk, and candy to celebrate the festival during lockdown.

With support from benefactors, the programme was able to present more than 14,000 gifts worth over 87,000 USD. Though the number of gifts falls short of the expectations of kids in the city, they play an important role in providing a joyful occasion for those that are disadvantaged. 

A true full moon festival has come to these disadvantage kids thanks to the military officers and benefactors./.