Campers rediscover joy amid pandemic

Covid-19 has become the world’s “nightmare” but has also changed people’s perspectives on many things, including tourism. Many new travel trends have appeared recently, catching the attention of holidaymakers, including home and outdoor camping.


Not in a deep forest

Not by a river

Not on a beautiful white sand beach

These are balconies, gardens, backyards

Even inside a house

With tents, tables and chairs, barbeques and beverages

The views are familiar but holidaymakers can experience a cosy and safe atmosphere during the pandemic by camping at home.

Activities all follow pandemic prevention and control regulations while satisfying the passion for camping many people hold.

Obviously, in normal times, camping is a time when people can immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the fresh air, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Any camping trip also includes activities like picnics and hikes, among others.

Camping is suitable for all ages, allowing family and friends to discover the joy and rejuvenating power of spending time outdoors.

It is difficult to access nature amid the rush and electronic pop-ups that flood modern life. But nature isn’t as far away as many people may think.

Many campers, however, not only leave their footprint but also their garbage, negatively affecting the environment at camping sites.

Nature plays a vital role in our lives, and camping is a bridge helping people immerse themselves in green surroundings, balance their emotions, and feel rejuvenated from the monotony of the 9 to 5 grind. They can also learn valuable lessons about environmental protection./.